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Carolina Forest Rental Properties is dedicated to providing exceptional service to your investor clients. We provide your client with a positive experience knowing they may eventually purchase additional investment properties. Therefore, our partnership with real estate agencies and agents are important to our company.

Realizing the importance of this partnership, CFRP offers agencies and agents a "residual income" opportunity. For each residential property brought to us as a rental, you will be compensated 2% of the monthly rent for each month of tenancy. The number of homes that you add to our inventory is unlimitedĀ  and you will be compensated in the same manner, for each property.

We invite you to join our Residual Income Program!

For properties in the Myrtle Beach, SC area, please contact Chet Crockett at [email protected]

For properties in the Charleston,SC area, please contact Madison Crockett at [email protected]