Carolina Forest Rental Properties is excited to offer our residents the latest in customer support. Residents can sign on to their accounts to get statements and place maintenance requests all without having to leave your home.

Tenant FAQs

How do I report a maintenance item?

For non-urgent maintenance items please submit a work order request on-line via the Resident Login portal or call the office Monday – Thursday 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM and Friday 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM. For police or fire emergencies, dial 911 before calling us.

Can I be charged for maintenance at the property?

Yes, if the maintenance issue is determined to have occurred because of your fault or neglect, you will be responsible for the costs associated with the repair. A good example is not changing air filters. If you report an HVAC issue and the technician determines that you have not been changing the air filter on a monthly basis, you will be responsible for the maintenance cost.

Can I install cable or satellite TV at the property?

Generally yes. However, you must first obtain written permission from us. At some units you may be prohibited from installing a satellite dish in any location where the dish is visible from the ground or from any other unit in the area. Any cost of installation is an expense of the resident.

Can I install extra telephone lines?

Generally yes. However, you must also obtain written permission from us. All costs of installing extra phone lines are the responsibility of the resident.

Can I sub-lease the property?

Sub-leasing is strictly prohibited under your lease agreement.

Can I rent a steam cleaner and clean the carpets myself when I move out?

No. Your rental agreement provides that all carpets must be professionally cleaned.

Can I get a pet after move-in?

Generally, yes. However, you must contact our office prior to placing the pet in to the property. We will then obtain approval from the owner of the property and determine if a pet is allowed under HOA regulations. There will be a $250.00 – $500.00 non-refundable pet fee that must be paid immediately after approval. Furthermore, an addendum to the lease will be required.

When and how should I give my notice to vacate?

It is important to refer to your lease for the specific terms in your own residential agreement. In most leases, notice to vacate must be received in our office in writing on or before the first of the month. Most leases require a minimum 30-day notice and run for a full monthly period.

I have always paid my rent on time. Why did I receive a 3-day notice when the rent was only 11 days late?

The rent is due on the first of the month. If the rent is not posted in our office by the eleventh, we serve a 3-day notice to pay what is owed or vacate the property. If we do not receive funds after this time period, formal eviction will be initiated.

I am an excellent resident and take good care of the home. Can you waive my late charges?

No. We do not waive late charges. Fair Housing laws require that we treat all our residents equally. We cannot decide if one resident is more deserving than another of paying late charges, therefore we enforce late charges equally, for everyone.

Tenant Handbook

Thank you for choosing Carolina Forest Rental Properties to serve your rental needs. The following information will be useful to you during the time you reside in one of our properties.

Moving In

We will make every effort to have your home in good condition for your arrival. We will contact you prior to your lease date to let you know when the unit will be available for move in. The day you move in we will provide you with keys and a Move-In Inspection Form that you can complete and return to us within the first week of your lease.

Payment of Rent

Your rent will be due on the first day of each month in our office. Rent is paid based on receipt in our office not postmarked date. You can mail your payment to the office or drop it off at the front desk during our regular office hours (Monday – Thursday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM and Friday 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM). Late fees are levied the day after your rent is due on your rental agreement. WE DO NOT WAIVE LATE FEES.

Late Fee Policy

If your rent is received one or more days late you will be charged the late fee as set forth in the rental agreement. Your rental agreement states that rent, late charges, and other legitimate charges will be posted to the resident account. Unless otherwise stated, rent is due on the first, and late with a $25 late fee on the 6th, and another $25 late fee on the 11th. After the third offense, the late fee will be an automatic $100.00 per occurrence. Payments received are applied to the oldest outstanding charge first. If there is an outstanding charge on your account when your rent is due, payments will be applied toward the outstanding charges first and then toward the current rent charge. If the payment is not sufficient to cover past due charges as well as the current rent charge, your current rent will be short. If the rent is short you will incur a late charge. To avoid late charges be sure to pay all rent on time and any charges posted on your account by the time your current rent is due.

Returned Checks

Your rental agreement states the amount you will be charged for each returned check. Our current fee is $45.00 for each check returned. You will be charged this fee even if the check clears upon re-submission to the bank. In addition, if the returned check is for payment of rent, you will be charged late fees through the date the check clears the bank on re-submission or until you provide certified funds to pay for the returned check. Depending upon the date the check is returned, you also may receive a three-day notice to pay or vacate the property.


When you signed your rental agreement, you gave us a deposit to cover any potential damage to the property. The deposit will be held in a trust account until you vacate the property. Please be aware, YOUR DEPOSIT MAY NOT BE USED AS YOUR LAST MONTHS RENT.

Gas and Electric Service

For the majority of our properties, Santee Cooper provides electric service. When you signed your lease it indicated if you are responsible for utilities or not. If you are responsible you should contact Santee Cooper and all of your utility companies prior to moving into your property. If you move into the property without transferring utilities into your name, not only will you owe any utility bills for the date you moved into the property, but an administrative fee of $100.00 will be assessed to your account.

Telephone Service

If you want a land based telephone line you should contact the service provider of your choice.