Carolina Forest Rental Properties manages all types of property from apartments and duplexes to single family homes. We often have need of additional vendors and contractors to handle our work load. If you would like to register with us please fill out the application for an interview. Please be sure to give us complete information about your work experience as well as a list of references.

If you are already one of our Vendors you can sign in to receive work orders or review your account. If you have any questions or want to speak directly to us please call 843-796-2478 or send an e-mail to

Vendor FAQs

How do I register with Carolina Forest Rental Properties as a contractor?

Go to the application page and submit your name and information. Be sure to include a description of your work experience, references and all contact information.

What do you require before I can begin working for you?

We require an Independent Contractor Agreement signed as well as proof of Workers Compensation Insurance and General Liability Insurance. We do not withhold taxes or other fees. You are responsible for your own taxes and insurance.

How are jobs assigned?

We issue work orders for work that needs to be done. These can be picked up at our office, or we can post them for you under your account on the web page (when the page is completed). When you complete the work, return the work order with your invoice for the work completed to our office. Invoices received are typically paid by the following month if work is completed satisfactorily. We always check on work completion before checks are written or released.

Vendor Login

The Vendor Portal provides vendors with secure online access to work orders assigned to them. In addition, you can update comments to work orders online, print work orders and update your contact information.